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Helping you take control of the life you want to lead professionally and personally

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Current and past experience  

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Self-awareness empowers you to enjoy the choice to change. We will understand the barriers, uncover your values and create the growth mindset necessary to maximise your personal and professional performance. Through coaching, I create the trusted space to help you get closer to your edge. 


My approach is focused to get you tangible results to make change happen. Using the accountability of THE CURVE®, together we focus on outcomes, their themes, measuring and tracking month-by-month delivery. Turning clear intent into tangible action.

Get your bespoke coaching plan with concrete actions and measurable results 



"It gave me the tools and coping mechanisms to stay on track whatever is thrown my way in the future"


"I was more than a little sceptical of the merits of coaching, however my mindset shifted from the first session. I was 6 months into a leadership role, working non stop, but not really feeling like I was achieving much. Phil helped me step back, assess my priorities, understand my motivations, and refocus my energies where they were best placed. 

Pretty grand statement but Phil transformed my life". 

Harpreet, Managing Director, Digital Agency

"Philip's coaching system help me identify and achieve the project goals and build an aligned team".

"My goal was leading a brand transformation project requiring me to build and lead a new team in a new culture.  Philip stood out as a coach and mentor, who could guide me through this change journey in a structured, holistic and measured way.  Philip's coaching system help me identify and achieve the project goals and build an aligned team.

Philip's approach achieves inspiring and measured results. The impact was visible in the change in me both physically and in my behaviours, which I can directly attribute to this coaching program".  


Peter Griffiths, Senior Brand Manager, Caledonian MacBrayne

Philip Edgerton






I’ve been lucky enough to navigate the highs and lows of a career in the creative marketing industries, often having to experience personal and professional life at the outer edges of what makes me confident and comfortable. There I witnessed for my myself the importance of challenging limiting self-beliefs and working through barriers to unlock the energy and momentum to reach the success I wanted. 


I've achieved so much more than I might have imagined when I arrived in London many years ago; cutting my teeth in television and then becoming a creative marketeer in often visionless industries, bound by the past. Bringing back GWR as a force for positive pride and change on Britain’s railway became my creative career signature. I’ve also started a number of my own businesses and helped many others build theirs. I couldn't of achieved this without some inspiring and challenging coaches and mentors along the way. 


I then became a qualified and accredited coach with the Academy of Executive Coaching (ICF), working direct with clients like you. I am also a qualified NLP practitioner. I guest lecture at The University of Birmingham, and I help young people push their boundaries through the mentoring work I do with the Creative Mentor Network. 


I'm excited by the possibilities of your ambitions to reach the next level of professional growth. 

Philip Edgerton



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He has been instrumental in enabling me to challenge myself and re-align with my values...

I've worked with Phil for several months and he has been instrumental in enabling me to challenge myself, re-align with my values, and clarify my purpose and direction. I'd highly recommend Phil to anyone serious about wanting positive change, both personally and professionally.

Lucinda Davies

Mobility and Reward Specialist

He was a changing force in my own self belief and how I will continue to approach events that take me out of my comfort zone...

I worked with Phil at probably the most challenging time in my professional life and he directly impacted how I faced it, how I over came it and how I successfully shaped my next chapter. He worked with me to define and commit to stretch personal goals to deliver results.

He was a changing force in my own self belief and how I will continue to approach events that take me out of my comfort zone.

Deborah Lewis
Organisational Specialist


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