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Ask yourself this...

Updated: May 4, 2021

Who are you? I thought I knew. But as I was asked for a 3rd time, it became apparent I had become stuck. It was my first breakout session on my Executive Coaching training and after telling the story of a challenging childhood, 20 years in creative marketing industries and being Dad to Jack, my French Bulldog, my brain froze. As I was asked `who are you’ for the 3rd time, I scratched my head and eventually started to talk about what was important to me – making a difference, creativity and having a vision. There, I had got to the point and started to articulate some of my values that motivated and guided me to do what I do both professionally and personally.

Values focused coaching

Over the years, I have helped numerous brands define their values to drive the right behaviours and results, but I hadn’t really thought about defining my own. My coaching programme starts with values to understand and prioritise what’s important to my clients. And that’s where the awareness and realisations starts to happen.

Lightbulb moments

I really enjoy the values exercise with my clients as it’s where the lightbulb moments are. We uncover what values are being met and which ones are being neglected. I had a client recently who started to make sense of why their personal relationships were not working and they also evaluated their career. It resulted in a transformational breakthrough, in getting a better role with a significant salary increase and most importantly, with a company who is a better cultural fit based on their values.

Defining your values

I use exercises to tap into a moment that has had a positive and significant impact in a client’s life. This helps them describe what they care about to draw out values. Or you can think of situations that really hack you off and work out the negative values and then flip it to the positive value. I then challenge to make sure we have nailed them as they become the absolute rock-solid foundation of that person’s purpose in life and work.

I help people find their edge, which always involves challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries. Change is not easy and that’s where my coaching supports whilst challenging and working through strategies to get the results clients want. It’s why I coach, to see and hear clients that are happier in work and life by performing to their absolute potential.

So, who are you and what's important to you?

Always happy to have a chat. Book some time...

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