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Are you purposeful?

Updated: May 13, 2021

Feel something is missing?

If you feel something is missing, but can’t quite work out what, it could be that you don’t know your `why’. We’ve all been guilty of just reacting to what life throws at us - staying in that uninspiring job, that relationship or procrastinating about starting that project. Or we might not know what we want and feel stuck in a rut.

Are you living life and your career reactively or proactively?

We all have an innate natural talent that inspires and motivates us and those around us. This is when we are at our best – in our flow and when time flies. It’s when we are helping solve a problem that's totally selfless. This is our contribution to the wider world and our legacy. In my coaching programme, we seek clarity to define and understand your purpose. When you understand your purpose, you can then see if you are living it out proactively or stuck and accepting what life throws at you.

Whole person approach

Happy in life equals happy at work and vice versa, so in my coaching, I use the Co-Active model to ensure balance, fulfilment and process in life and work.

As important as it is to explore and tackle a business topic with a client, I often find it’s only the tip of the iceberg and what’s really going on is deep underneath. I'm a qualified NLP Practitioner and Executive Coach, which is a powerful combination to help people achieve growth, whilst working on negative beliefs that might be holding you back. Coaching is absolutely about moving forward and achieving goals, and getting the shift in thinking patterns sorted first is critical to that success.

Transformational Results

One of my clients made life changing decisions after defining both their purpose and their values. They re-evaluated both career and personal life – securing a new global role and making some not-so-easy decisions about personal relationships. This was the result of defining and understanding their purpose and values – drilling down to prioritise the values, beliefs and behaviours to work towards a purposeful life with legacy.

Rock-solid Foundation

When you define that rock-solid foundation, there’s a lightbulb moment of realisation and you can start making sense of what needs to STOP, START and CONTINUE. The stop and start are where we work hard in coaching sessions on creating the right mindset as well as planning and goal setting. This will give you the learning to make the decisions of what you need to stop doing to feel happier and more fulfilled.

How do you find your purpose?

There are many exercises to find out what your purpose is and I have created a free e-book to discover your ‘why’. If you what to find out more, here is the link

My purpose is to make a difference to people professionally and personally.

What’s your purpose?

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